Our Team 

Dr. Vered Shakuf

IDC Herzliya

Dr. Vered Shakuf is a researcher at the CANlab. She received her PhD in cognitive psychology from Tel-Aviv University on 2016. Her research interests focus on psychophysics, sensory and cognitive aging and embodied cognition. She currently manages a joint Israeli-German research team focused on the perception of emotions in spoken languages across cultures, funded by the German-Israeli Foundation (GIF). 

Dr. Gali Malkin

IDC Herzliya

Dr. Gali Malkin is a post-doctoral fellow at the CAN lab at IDC. Her Ph.D. in social-organizational Psychology was completed at Bar- Ilan University in 2015. Prior to her Ph.D. studies, she completed her BA degree at Ben-Gurion University and MA degree at Bar-Ilan University. Her dissertation focused on the interactive role of social identity and threat, in predicting gender harassment behaviors. She is currently a member in the "SINAI" (Social Interaction in Aging Immigrants) research team, focusing on the study of aging, health, and wellbeing from a multidisciplinary perspective. She is also investigating the social outcomes of the intersection of age and migration.

Dr. Hadas Erel

IDC Herzliya

Dr. Hadas Erel is heading a research team on cognitive training for older adults that forms a collaboration with Prof. Daniel Levi and the Media Information lab at IDC, funded by the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology. She has received her PhD on Cognitive Psychology from Ben-Gurion University. Her research focus is on intelligence, problem solving, creativity and attention networks, across the life span. 

Mr. Willam Saban

University of Haifa

My name is Will, I am currently a Ph.D candidate in a direct Ph.D track in Clinical Neuro-Psychology (with the Dean's Ph.D scholarship for excellence). My advisor is Dr. Shai Gabay from the University of Haifa and IIPDM. I have a BA in Cognitive Science and Psychology from the Hebrew University (with honors), and I worked as a TA in the courses of: Statistical Methods and Experimental Psychology at the Hebrew University. 


Research interest: 

I'm curious to explore a model which examines the interaction between two axes: 
(i) Cortical - Subcortical mechanisms.

(ii) Volitional - Reflexive processes. 


In my Ph.D. work, I apply three different methodological strategies to determine whether Cortical - Subcortical mechanisms have a functional role in each cognitive process:

(i) Archer Fish, which lacks a fully developed cortex.

(ii) Sensitive psycho-physical manipulation to probe the contribution of subcortical - monocularly segregated - regions in humans.

(iii) Functional magnetic resonance imaging.



Dr. Raymond M. Klein, Dalhousie University

Dr. Eyal Kalanthroff, Columbia University

Dr. Ran Hassin, Hebrew University


Personal Interests: swimming, running, bicycling, scuba diving, hiking, chess, friends and more (:

Mr. Aviad Ozana

Ben-Gurion University

Aviad Ozana is a PhD student at the psychological Department of Ben-Gurion University, in beer-sheva. Aviad’s research focuses on visually-guided actions toward virtual objects. Specifically, he investigates the compliance of these unique visumotor interactions with some of the fundamental principles of human perception.

Mr. Yehuda Dor

Tel-Aviv University

Yehuda Dor completed his M.A. in Clinical Psychology at the Hebrew University in 2015. Today he is a Ph.D. student at Tel-Aviv University, a researcher at the CANlab in IDC and an interm in Clinical psychology at Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center. His main research interests are the perception of emotions in spoken communication and the processes underlying age-related differences in emotional processin.

Ms.Gal Nitsan

University of Haifa

Gal Nitsan is a graduate student at the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department, at the University of Haifa, she is also a researcher at the CANlab. Gal is interested in the interplay between top-down and bottom-up processes within speech perception.

Her research uses eye-tracking to explore the on-line processing of spoken language. Specifically, the impact of working memory load on the online processing of spoken words in noise.

In addition, Gal works as a speech and language pathologist at an Early Childhood Center.

Ms. Maya Mentzel

IDC Herzliya

Maya Mentsel is the lab manager at CABlab. She is about to finish her undergraduate studies in Psychology at the IDC, in the Honors excellence program. Her current research tests the interaction of emoji and text in the perception of emotion in text messages. She hope to continue to graduate studies and expand her knowledge.

Mrs. Tali Lavin

IDC Herzliy

Mrs. Tali Rubin Livne is a project manager in the CAN lab at IDC . 

She recruits candidates for our research about "Attention in Aging" and "Enhancing Cognition in Aging" on healty aged population. 

 She also develops a program that educates older people to improve their :memory, cognition and attention capabilities. This program is adequate for professionals as well. 

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